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Cheers Aerial Media at ClovisFest - Clovis, CA

Cheers Aerial Media has been participating at the ClovisFest Balloon Fun Fly every year since 2000, flying five different balloons at the event. Below are pictures of the aircraft we've participated with: 1) Wizard of Oz Balloon "Emerald City", 2) "Baby Cheers", 3) "RE/MAX NorCal 1", 4) "RE/MAX NorCal 2" and 5) "Cheers" (flying for Valley Children's Healthcare).

Emerald City Baby Cheers RE/MAX NorCal 1

RE/MAX NorCal 2 Cheers-Valley Children's Healthcare

Video: Landing the RE/MAX Balloon at Peoples Church in Fresno, CA

Ever wonder what it feels like to land in a hot air balloon? This onboard video shows the descent from altitude with a dramatic left turn over the rooftops and between the trees to landing at Peoples Church in Fresno, California on September 21, 2014. Clicking the Youtube link will allow you to full screen on a desktop computer for the full effect. Enjoy!

RE/MAX and Valley Children's Healthcare at ClovisFest

ClovisFest - Clovis, CA


Balloon Fun Fly - Clovis, CA

Cheers - Valley Children's Healthcare at ClovisFest

Valley Children's Healthcare Balloon

Cheers Flying for Valley Children's at ClovisFest

Clovis Rodeo Grounds

Clovis Rodeo Grounds

Home of ClovisFest

Burner Test

Burner Testing

Cheers Balloon at ClovisFest

RE/MAX Balloon Inflation

RE/MAX Inflation

Getting Hot with the RE/MAX Balloon

RE/MAX at ClovisFest

RE/MAX NorCal Balloon

Free Tethered Rides!

Cheers/Valley Children's Healthcare and RE/MAX at ClovisFest

Cheers and RE/MAX

Getting Ready for Tethered Rides

ClovisFest Balloons

Huge Crowds

Crowds Enjoying the Balloon Launch

Balloon Launching at ClovisFest

Balloon Launching

Climbing Out on Cool Clovis Morning

ClovisFest Crowds and Balloons at Clovis Rodeo Grounds

Cheers Aerial Media giving tethered rides with Valley Children's Healthcare and RE/MAX balloons ClovisFest

RE/MAX Nearing Valley Children's

Approaching Valley Children's

RE/MAX Balloon Flying Near Valley Children's

Shelly Having Fun at Valley Children's

Lifting RE/MAX?

Shelly Having Fun at Valley Children's

Packed Up - The Team

All Packed Up

The Team After Landing at Valley Children's

Junior Crew Member

Junior Crew Member

Helping With Tether Setup

Balloon Tether Crowds

Balloon Tether Crowds

People Get Up Very Early For Rides

Junior Crew Member

Junior Crew Member

Helping With Basket Assembly