Tethered Hot Air Balloon Events

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What is a tethered hot air balloon?

Tethering a balloon means that the balloon is anchored. To do this, ropes, or tether lines are run from the balloon itself to at least three fixed points. Generally, heavy vehicles such as 4x4 trucks or cars with trailer hitches are preferred. Once the balloon is secured it can rise and descend in a controlled area giving rides to spectators. Height of the ascent will be determined by the weather conditions at the time of the event.

What uses are there for a Hot Air Balloon Tether?

Everything from simply attracting attention, drawing people to your location or special event, corporate marketing and media events; to giving rides at festivals or fairs, grand openings, family reunions, etc. The uses are limited only by the scope of imagination.

Cheers Aerial Media - Hot Air Balloon Tether SUSTAINED VISIBILITY! Cheers Aerial Media giving tethered
rides to spectators at the Sonoma Hot Air Balloon Classic.

Is there more than one type of tether?

There are several different types of tethered Hot Air Balloon operations. In many cases the balloon can be fitted with envelope (the inflated part) banners over thirty feet wide and smaller basket banners for advertising.

Static Display Tether: The balloon is inflated simply to attract people to the site. With the proper weather conditions, the balloon can frequently remain inflated for as long as four hours.

Tethered Rides: The balloon actually takes spectators up to about tree top height (50-80 feet). This requires lighter winds, generally 6 mph or less and can operate for up to three hours.

Night Glow tether: Similar to a Static Display Tether except the balloon inflates after dark and entertains spectators with a light show. These events frequently utilize multiple balloons and are often choreographed to music.

Cheers Aerial Media - Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Tether
Night glow tether shows bring in spectators by the thousands and are powerful magnet to photographers and media.

Weather requirements for a Hot Air Balloon Tether

Dry weather conditions are required, though moderate fog and overcast are acceptable. Winds must be light, six mph or less.

Space/Location requirements for a Hot Air Balloon Tether

The most important requirement is a circular area of at least 200 feet in diameter which is clear of power lines, light standards, trees, or other obstructions which may impede safe operation. Clean surface areas such as lawn, paved parking lots, etc. are best but not absolutely required.

Cheers Aerial Media - Hot Air Balloon Night Glow Tether

Cheers Aerial Media is a full service hot air balloon and thermal airship marketing company. We work with our clients to develop these programs from the ground up, including aircraft design, chase vehicle design, setup of the online presence and acquisition of souvenirs for spectator giveaways. Additional support marketing items are also available including large inflatable shelters, cold air advertising balloons, etc.