The ULTIMATE in True Experiential Advertising!

We fly your Brand and spectators become your participants.

Cheers Aerial Media doesn't just show up...

Creating impressions and building relationships

We build relationships for lasting impressions.

At Cheers Aerial Media we have two primary and passionate goals...Make your brand visible and memorable...and make people happy to see you.

GEFA-FLUG Yellow Thermal Airship

Thermal Airships

Fly your brand on the ultimate platform, a real piloted airship measuring nearly half a football field in length!

Corporate Branded Hot Air Balloon

Corporate Branded Hot Air BalloonS

Branded Hot Air Balloons - Capable platforms for targeted areas and events - Outstanding mobile visibility!

Festival Events Management

Festival Events

Cheers Aerial Media Hot Air Balloon festival event management services.

School Presentations - Educational Events

Schools / Educational Services

Cheers Aerial Media teaching children about thermodynamics and mankind's ealiest form of flight.

How's your brand visibility?

Aboard Amelia Airship - Soaring Over Ripon

Live Facebook Feed:
Everything we do is about sharing the adventure and the fun.
This little video offers a rare onboard experience with Amelia
Airship at the Soaring Over Ripon Balloon and Kite Festival.
David Wakefield, Owner and Chief Pilot at Cheers Aerial Media
shares the flight with a simple cell phone video, as our airship
returns to Mistlin Sports Park from a flight over Ripon, CA. Enjoy!